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Email Verification With Laravel

Posted on 06-Dec-2017

There are a number of situations in which it is beneficial to get a newly registered user of your site to verify their email address. We will talk about when you should include this functionality [...]

404 Responses in a Laravel API

Posted on 12-Oct-2018

A useful feature that shipped in Laravel 5.5 is fallback routing. You can learn about fallback routing in Better 404 responses using Laravel +5.5 by Mohamed Said (the author of the feature) to get the [...]

Make your Laravel App Fly with PHP OPcache

Posted on 13-Oct-2018

What is OPcache?Every time you execute a PHP script, the script needs to be compiled to byte code. OPcache leverages a cache for this bytecode, so the next time the same script is requested, it [...]

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